When actions speak louder than words.

It was a longtime coming, you could say. Sean Boxshall, one of the founders of Lumenall Lighting, was always particular within his craft, and always stressed quality over quantity. He's a working man, having spend the vast majority of his life in the electrical industry. Enters Nathan Anic, a man in a similiar position to Sean, in the sense that he too prides quality over quantity and has been in the electrical industry for most of his life. Double trouble, two peas in a pod, however you wish to describe it, they both had ideas, and together would make those ideas a reality. Once implemented, they knew that they had finally realised their vision; Lumenall Lighting was born. They had created something that represented their very core values: quality, competitive pricing, and superior customer service. 

Our customers.

What is a business without its customers? Lumenall Lighting is no exception. We strive for perfection, which means we always use the highest quality products at a reasonable price. We believe in what we do, and you can ensure that our passion will reflect that, whether it be in finding the right product to suit your needs, through to aiding in installation.