Our first steps in the industry.

Our history begins back in 1988, when David Boxshall was heavily involved in the construction industry, building a reputation like no other. He was meticulous, and would not settle for second best. It was this attitude that was passed on to his son Sean Boxshall, the co-founder of the soon to be Lumenall Lighting.

Continuous innovation and transformation.

Continuous innovation and rapid transformation have been themes throughout Seans history, which has always revolved around electrical and electronics. Having studied electronic engineering at an early age, it was always difficult for Sean to find quality in his field for the search of perfection.

Further development.

Sean begin his career in the electrical industry. Very few were surprised, as Sean had long expressed an interest in the electrical field. It's an area that continues to fascinate him to this day.


In 2008, he met the young, and vibrant, Nathan Anic. Over the next five years they worked very closely together, fine-tuning their trade, and trying to go that extra step for their clients. It was an ever-increasing struggle, as the energy-efficient LEDs available to them just did not meet their expectations. With feedback from clients seemingly expressing similar views, they decided that enough was enough, and that they would not settle with what was available to them. 

Where our solutions come from.

They embarked on a journey for a more superior product that would exceed not only their clients’ expectations, but also their own. This desire for a first-rate product drew them to China, with 2013 marking their first visit. Over the next year both Sean and Nathan sampled various light fittings. Towards the end of 2014 they were content with what they had discovered, and satisfied that they had found the LEDs that they were looking for. So much so, that manufacturing was set-up and the first shipment was made to Australia before the year’s end. Testing and quality assurance was their first priority and after two years of vigirous testing the first shipment was made.

And so it begins.

January 2017 brought in the New Year, as well as the birth of Lumenall Lighting. With over 10 years of electrical experience, and over 40 years of commercial construction experience within the family, Lumenall Lighting is a fresh and energetic company, with electricains at the roots. Confident that it can not only meet the increasing standards of the Australian electrical industry, but surpass all expectations with glowing satisfaction.